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Course content:
Bedbugs are small blood-sucking insects that live in cracks and crevices in and around beds. They crawl out at night and bite exposed skin to feed on blood. Due to the nature of transient nature of international hotel guests, bed bugs are likely to be present in a given hotel room at some point in time. An undetected and untreated bed bug infestation has a huge impact on guests, staff members and possibly the hotel's reputation. It becomes clear, that housekeeping team members should be aware of bed bugs to enable the them, as front line staff, to spot a possible bed bug infestation and initiate the required next steps.

Course audience:
This online course is mainly aimed at front line housekeeping professionals like Room Attendants, Guest Service Assistants, Supervisors with the aim to deliver a basic understanding of bed bugs. Senior members of the housekeeping team and housekeeping managers are also invited to attend this comprehensive online course to extent their knowledge on bed bugs.

Course outline:
The online course includes a lot of valuable information divided into a number of topics. The completion of this online course will ensure that the learner is able to provide an answer to these questions:

  • What are bed bugs?
  • How to identify bed bugs?
  • How to spot a bed bug infestation?
  • How to prevent a bed bug infestation?
  • What is the impact of a bed bug infestation?

Each topic consists of multiple pages containing detailed written information on the subject. Pictures and videos are embedded to bring the learning to live and to provide hands on guidance to ensure the online learning can be applied to the work environment right after completing the course. 
At the end of each topic a little quiz is available to check the learning.

Course certificate:
On successful completion, learners will be issues with a completion certificate.

Bedbugs are small blood-sucking insects that live in cracks and crevices in and around beds. They crawl out at night and bite exposed skin to feed on blood. These little creatures are a huge risk to a hotel's reputation. 

This online course is aimed at housekeeping managers. It provides guidance and tools to actively manage the issue of bed bugs in hotels.

An annual performance review involves a formal discussion about an employee's development and performance. The review is a planning process. It involves setting a plan of action for the next period and reviewing what has been achieved in the last period.

This online course provides an overview of the performance review process to help housekeeping professionals to make the most of the performance review.

Time and money are scarce resources to all individuals and organisations. The efficient and effective use of these resources requires planning. Planning alone, however, is insufficient. Control is also necessary to ensure that plans actually are carried out. 
A budget is a tool that managers use to plan and control the use of scarce resource, it is a plan showing the company's objectives and how management intends to acquire and use resources to attain those objectives. 

This online course is aimed at housekeeping professionals and aims at providing a basic understanding of budgeting for housekeeping operations.